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Surface pro 2 w/1.9ghz cpu heat observation

ok so I was bored and decided to play some gta san andreas on my pro 2, I probably got about 15min into the game when the display started showing a "ripple effect". It appeared like looking aross a highway during the summer with the heat coming off the asphalt, I thought I was seeing things...so I felt the back of the tablet and it was pretty hot but more surprising was the front of the screen was just as hot! I immediately turned the game off and just let it sit there on the desktop while the fan was going full blast. This is the first time ive ever experienced this, and ive tried several games and never had this problem...one thing to note was i had the tablet plugged in so it was running at full max speed, when i normally play some games it's on battery power and my power profile limits the cpu to 75% max speed. It kinda freaked me out but Ive been testing and looking for any damage but the tablet is working perfectly right now.


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Run Core Temp while you play the game (Core Temp) and see what temp it gets to. It should max out around 80 degrees Celcius. San Andreas, I believe, has a heat shimmer effect in game which might have just visually fooled you into thinking that your screen was cooking.