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Surface Pro 3 battery life??


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When I first bought this unit it had amazing battery life (e.g. 8-10 hour). I could stream movies for 8 straight hours.

After the Win 10 Anniversary update I get less than 45 minutes on a full charge. The unit is out of warranty. Is this a Win update bug? A known hardware issue?

Sad really ... I was about to upgrade to Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book


Yes there are a few threads about it. You may have a Simplo battery and MS is aware of the issue and will provide a software fix which will hopefully fix it :)


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I'm not going to read through all of them but I did a search for "Simplo battery" and found 15 posts about it. I'm pretty sure there is a way to determine if you have a Simplo that you will find in one of the posts. I "simplo" rarely run my Surface on battery very often so I can't tell you how long I can run on battery only power.


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@spinachpie - thx for the link.

@all: Thanks huge for the responses. Yup ... Simplo battery. Sux because I really wanted to trust Microsoft and plan Surfaces as part of my future IT landscape. But apparently there is no support and no communication about support.

Oh ... and the Battery Report only opens in MS Edge ... yup, an html file which Chrome and IE both told me 'cannot locate file.' Apparently, Microsoft's 'embrace of the cloud' is as real as unicorns. I had hoped they made the transition from product to service company, but clearly not.