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Surface Pro 4 Inaccessible_Boot_Device then Unable to reset your pc. The system drive cannot be foun


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O a 2 months old Surface 4 ( i5, 256gb ) - a simple restart ended with a Inaccessible_Boot_Device error.

I've tried to restore, reset, erase - all end up in some sort of error.

The farthest I've been was to create an active USB Flash drive, copied SurfacePro4_BMR_15_3.613.0 onto it and booted Surface 4 with it.

After a while, it asks for Language then ends up with this error:

"Unable to reset your pc. The system drive cannot be found"

If I go into Troubleshooting, then Command Prompt it lists the drive as x:\> drive c: doesn't exist and if I list the directory of drive X, the entire Windows files and folders is there.

Right now I'm traveling outside the US ( duh! that's why I've bought the surface in the first place - the lightness of this product ). I got no idea what to do, appreciate any advice or ideas!!

Thanks in advance!


If you have the Media on a USB drive, try installing from there. You will in all probability need to reformat your drive.
Also have a look at this thread

Else send it back for replacement once you are back in US of A.


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I'll be out of the country for at least one month and I can't really function without a laptop.
I have everything backed up so I don't mind erasing everything on the Surface, but how can I do that?
It doesn't give me any option to format the drive like it usually does while installing Win7 or the likes... Should I install Win10 using the Media Creation Tool instead of the Surface Image?
Also when I try to Reset This PC with Erasing All Contents it gives me a "Unable to reset your PC. A required drive partition is missing."


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It sounds like your SSD died or somehow got corrupted. Make a Win10 install USB from the Media Creation Tool and, once you boot to the install program, "delete" the current partitions on the SSD and make new ones. If it can't find the SSD, well, you have your answer then.


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Just an update, I've used the USB flash drive that Media Creation Tool and I got all the way to the point where I had to select the Partition where to install it - but there was none listed. I've opened a support case with Microsoft and will return it to the nearest service center, let's see how quickly they'll replace it.
Thank you for the info and help!