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Surface Pro 4 Rumored to Include 4K Display, USB Type-C, Skylake Processor & More


Although I question the legitimacy of this article, I will stress this pixel-madness disease that every mobile device manufacturer seems to be having right now.

I'd opt for something that's 2.5k or even the same as the sP3 if it means a much better battery life and much better performance, if they ARE doing a 4k, I would like smaller resolution options, since this size screen would have huge diminishing returns, especially in terms of how much power it would have to sacrifice to employ all those extra pixels.

It's possible to get even smaller screens if you see what they can fit into a smartphone, but at the distance, mobile device manufacturers have pretty much hit the ceiling on pixel density when it comes to utility; most of this is just overkill. I don't hold my tablet up to my face, and even if I did, I'd have a very difficult time seeing the pixels, and they're pretty much indiscernible on my phone, which is a 1080p display on a 5.5in screen (300-400ppi?)

Honestly I wish manufacturers would stop caring about the insane ppi of their competitors, phones is one of the biggest culprits, it drives the price up for something you can't tell the difference with, whilst at the same time draining more power than it needs to use for the sake of putting a larger number on their resolution for a difference hardly anyone will spot. I don't design monitors, but I'm pretty sure when your phone has twice the amount of pixels it needs to over the amount a human eye can't visually see, it's probably using a lot more power than it needs to.

EDIT: It seems I've missed something in the article about the "high end" version being 4k, my point still stands though.


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4K would be ridiculous with a screen size on a tablet, the amount of extra power needed just isn't worth it. Maybe one day... but not yet.

I have also read it's unlikely to have USB Type-C, and it'll be revealed at the end of September and released in October.

Either way it's nice to see rumours gaining pace, hopefully we'll have something official soon :D


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More wild speculation to whet our appetites, and undermine current sales. Both this article and its source article (http://wccftech.com/surface-pro-4/#ixzz3j5sWMjB4) say that the new SP4 will start at $500, which is inconceivable since the recently released and much lower spec S3 starts at $500. To quote the source article:

"...the Surface Pro 4 will be available in more than one variant, with prices ranging from $500 to $1300."​

This simply strains the credibility of everything the article speculates.
I agree, but please don't shoot the messenger. I just report the rumors, it's up to you folks to debate them! ;)


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The 4GB RAM with the base model is ridiculous these days. Also, the 4K screen seems unnecessary on a 14" display, but oh well.