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Surface Pro fails on Windows 10 upgrade


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I upgraded to Windows 10 during the free upgrade option before last July. I did the same with my other PC/tablets, too. I created a recovery drive from Windows 10 and labeled it such.

I pulled out my Surface Pro to test an application where my Surface RT keeps crashing and it had spent a rather long time in my closet. I had intentionally reverted back to Windows 8 in July since I wanted to ensure that I still could. This month I powered it back up and once signed in, located the Windows 10 media creation tool.

I chose to upgrade. After the upgrade, the Surface Pro sticks at the Surface screen. I can boot off USB to Windows Server 2012 R2, Fedora 24, and the original Windows 8 recovery drive I made, in addition to the Windows 10 recovery drive.

When I boot to one of the recovery drives immediately following a power off from the first the splash screen stuck upgrade (before any spinning dots), I'm given the first option to choose Windows 8, Rollback or Windows 10. I chose Windows 10 hoping the flash drive could circumvent the boot sequence issue. This did not yield any different result.

I then powered off. Powered back on but it really didn't want to listen to F7 for the boot menu. It took much convincing and F7 got me the boot menu.

I selected the same USB recovery media, but this time, there were no options to choose Rollback, Windows 8 -- only Windows 10.

I am thinking the only way to convince this critter to take Windows 10 is to prepare offline media; but I am confused why the upgrade procedure is failing to even reach the boot sequence.

Shouldn't the upgrade procedure with the media creation tool be a valid upgrade path?

Note: I have the Power Cover, but I can't see why that would make a difference when unplugging it doesn't improve the boot sequence.