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Surface pro sitting at 2.4GHZ :( ?


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I don't know why but i haven't seen my Surface pro hit 2.6ghz as it's said on ark Intel processor information 1.7 - 2.6ghz .. tried running single core intensive apps, but still sits at 2.4 máximum and is not stable it goes from 2.0 to 2.38ghz etc i will appreciate any help comments or indications to fix this issue thank you


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Turbo boost occurs in short bursts. Your CPU might reach 2.6, but it will never stay there long as this is a dynamically switching process. When in turbo boost your CPU goes beyond its standard TDP consumption of 15w and generates more heat. As a rule therefore, those bursts only occur when needed in as short as possible cycles. The tool that you are using to measure clock speed probably is not capable of displaying that much fine detail. The fact that it boosts to 2.4 already indicates that your turbo boost is working fine. I would leave it at that :)


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That kind of makes me sad though.. i remember running my i5 on desktop topping it at 3.8ghz at all the times which was the turbo speed