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Surface RT is Frozen at 'Surface'!!


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We woke up this xmas morning to a frozen Surface RT! We ran out of batttery last night. Plugged it in to charge. Work up this morning and all we get are the 'Surface' white letters on black background. No, spining circle of dots. Nothing. I've spent the past several hours reading the blogs and can't seem to find an answer. Many of the suggestions I've read required an ability to get into the settings to do a reset. Unfortunately becuase we can't get past 'Surface' we feel as though we have a $600 brick on our hands....and some very unpset kids.

Any/all guidance is appreciated!

Thank you.


can you shut it down by holding the power button until it shuts off. Then try to turn it back on? If not you may have to refresh the surface.


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Start with the power button. As mentioned just press it in and hold it until the screen goes black and it is powered off. Then pres it for a couple of seconds to restart it and see if it boots. If it gets stuck again you may need to contact tech support or use the buttons method to access the recovery menu and refresh or reset.