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Surface RT - Offline Retailers


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There were some posts and some rumors about offline availability of the Surface RT, so I decided to start a temporary sticky, where we all can post about rumors (rating at least 4 out of 5) or official statements about 3rd party's selling the RT.

Please include trustworthy retailers only (not the guy who's selling one piece on e...). and give information about who's selling, where (country and continent), the planned start date and a short resource.

Northern America

- Best Buy (Canada, US)
- Staples (US)

Southern America


- FNAC (France)
- John Lewis (UK)


- Villman.com (Philipines)
- Galleon.ph (Philipines)

Australia/NZ + Oceania


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It's already listed, but having visited my local John Lewis (UK) today I can confirm that they have the Surface RT on sale and a usable demonstration unit. They're currently only listing the 32gb with black touch cover bundle (£470).


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Look how poorly Best Buy is promoting the Surface RT at one of their NYC locations.



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That's pretty sad. I bet the iPad display is beautiful. Funny, look at the review scores.....4.63 and 4.91. You would think with great scores like these they would put a little more effort into the display. Applebots.......all of them!


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I live in the US but am in France currently. Does anyone know of any differences between the french and american versions of the surface. I am quite tempted to purchase it right now instead of waiting till I return.