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Surface RT & Pro Power and Charging Specs


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Below is a table of the Surface power and charging specs as well as common USB specs and high powered tablet and phone specs.

Surface RT 12V @ 2A = 24W of charging power. (Battery is 7.4V, 31.5Wh, 4257mAh)

Surface Pro 12V @ 3.6A = 43.2W of charging power plus a USB slot providing 5V @ 1A. (Battery is 7.4V, 42Wh, 5676mAh)

Standard USB 5V @ .5A = 2.5W of charging power.
Standard USB 5V @ 1A = 5W of charging power (these are what most USB ports output).

High power USB 5V @ ~2A = 10W of charging power (specialty bricks included with newer Android and iOS tablets are ~2A).

mAh = Wh × 1000 / V

Wh = mAh × V / 1000
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