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Surface storage .. a step back ?


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I have a SP4 and was going to upgrade.

But I was amazed to find out that the SP8 & 9 don't have expansion slot (SD) !!!

It seems that everything moves on .. more mega pixels, higher definition video ... data hungry games / software.

But .. storage hasn't moved on (Still stuck on 128GB ... same as years ago).

The saviour on the SP4 even back then was the SD card to store photos and videos. But now its gone.

So this to me is not progress but a massive step back ... and makes these devices unusable at 128GB (and higher storage is crazy expensive compared with buying storage independently

Is this just me .. or have Microsoft lost the plot on these devices. Shame because everything else looks good.

Guess its going to be Samsung then ...

Totally understand the frustration, and initially it's what made me always go for a Pro over Laptop. However I do have SP8 now and saving grace was having a NAS so all my media is on there. Well worth thinking about for longevity! Also means I could get a smaller capacity phone :)