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Testing power supply - mine looks dead!


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So when I plug in my one month old Surface RT the light on the magnetic connector is not coming on, and the device says "plugged in - not charging" ... :mad:

Checked on different outlets and even switched between 110 and 220. Also checked and cleaned pins and made sure it seats perfectly. Stil it seems to not charge the unit.

I suspect the power brick is erm... bricked.

Anyone knows the pin outlay for the surface & what the readings should be to test the unit. Been scouring the net but can't get either.



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What country are you in?

The moderators and smalltowngirl should have an idea based on the IP address, but for now we can only guess. :)

My suggestion is borrow one to try. Which may not be the case otherwise, it would have been posted that say so.

If you're in the continent where the product is not available, the information on your computer will tell you which countries you can have an exchange.

Save yourself trouble and buy that $11 power supply someone posted in this forum.


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My concern was a U.S. charger used inappropriately, i.e. wrong voltage. Or maybe it's just broke! lol


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I'm from South Africa, not that it makes a difference, as the US supplied power brick is dual voltage...like I stated in the initial post :)

The surface has not been released here yet, so chances of a swap out is probably not on for some time....and so is borrowing a unit, which is why I would like to test it before going on a wild goose chase. After checking the voltage and confirming it is dead I can start trying to convince e-Bayers I'm not from Nigeria....and sell me a replacement charger. (the joys of living in dark Africa).

Sucks that MS has zero info out there.