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Tethered Photography with the SP3

Nikon application is called "Camera Control Pro". It is commercial and quite expensive but excellent software.

I know that there is a Nikon program thay does the job, as I now own a Nikon, but I've never had any reason to tether it. I find it easier to take the photo, download it to my (Acer) desktop, edit as necessary, resize, then upload to Google Drive. I then send the links to access all the photos in that folder.

I can use the S3 to access Google Drive, but I don't have the confidence in the S3 to download and save the photos.
When ms make an advert for the sp4, sp3 owners are not the primary target audience.. I find nothing misleading or deceptive about the ad. It is highlighting that even as a tablet it is fully functional and capable.

Also that ad does highlight the S4 as it refers to the bigger screen than that of an S3.

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