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The deadly school shooting


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a very difficult issue with deeply entrenched viewpoints on both sides. I have a gun
but it does not define who I am. My first gun was purchased when I lived in Miami
& home invasions were increasing. Hearing someone in the house with no plausible
response as to defense seemed lame.

I kept that same gun as we moved aboard our boat. Out on the hook, with no one
around seemed silly without protection. We were boarded by drunks one night at a
slip but luckily they were just nice teens & thought that the vessel was empty.

I sold that weapon and now have a 9mm, stainless CZ. I took it to a range once
just to get a feel for it. I would never join the NRA, have no interest in hunting &
wonder at the mental health of those who collect guns, knives, and military gear
to the extreme. That said..... where do we go from here?


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where do we go from here?
A referendum would be a good start...seeing as how politicians don't have the will to tackle the pro gun lobby themselves.
If you want to have a society with the freedom to own firearms then you have to live with the consequences.
If the majority want to live with the cost then the minority has to live with it as well.


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IMO about all the U.S. can do for gun control is 1) ban automatic weapons 2) ban semi-automatic weapons 3) Limit ammo purchases to a reasonable amount 4) and require registration. The Second Amendment will never be repealed, there are just too many guns out there. Laws are only followed by law-abiding citizens. If a crazy person is determined he will find a way. I own a very powerful pellet rifle that can kill... should that be outlawed too? Every school house in the country should have armed guards on campus, 1 per X-many students. I'm saddened to see it has come to this. These poor children were all 6 & 7. I was that age in the mid-1960s. Growing up in Michigan we had guns everywhere. I slept with several guns in my bedroom. They were for hunting of course... never thought otherwise. I blame the huge amount of violent video games, movies, and easy access (internet) to the like. Never had that type/amount of access when I was growing up. Only had three TV channels (ABC, CBS, and NBC).

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Hmmm except the USA homicide rate is falling against a backdrop of an ever more graphic violent media.
You have a high rate of firearm related homicide (and suicide) because of the easily available access to firearms it really is as simple as that.
In the UK we have the same increasingly violent media yet our homicide rate has been falling over the last 10 years as well and is currently at about a quarter of the USA (The USA rate has dropped over the years from a peak in the early 1990s, it used to be ~8 times ours).
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Aw: The deadly school shooting

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ArnoldC, so many possible causes / contributions. The list is well known and
some would anger many a techy. Violence in Movies, violence in computer games,
"no GOD in schools", breakdown of the family, women in the workplace, the
disbelief in Obama's reelection, etc., etc.....

The religion issue rings true for so many yet a close look at history shows many
a horrific act perpetrated in "God's name" no matter which religion it might have
originated from.

The desensitization to violent acts in all kinds of media can be traced for decades.

FOX news devotees have just received a shock as their candidate lost an election
that they had been told that he would win. (huge gun ownership)

Perhaps even the celebrity involved in the act of reporting these acts can lure a
demented individual " to be remembered"....

perplexing for sure.


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I live 5 minutes from this town, my wife and I used the SandyHook Laundromat a weekend before this despicable act took place, and to have this hit so close to home was pretty earth shattering for us and my kids. There are many theories, many unanswered questions, but arming our schools may be a partial answer...while it's unsavory, and sad it has to come to that, with almost 300 million guns in our country, there is just no way to reverse the proliferation. Large capacity magazines and weapons and ammo designed for killing humans is another problem, and should be regulated...and it should not be so easy to acquire these instruments of death and destruction. I saw a woman holding a sign that said something like this: If a six year old hits another playmate with a rock on the playground, the answer is not to give all the children rocks. Simple as this sounds..it makes a bit of sense...I am a gun owner, and do feel compelled to be armed to protect myself, family, and home but if a bad guy wants a weapon to do mayhem, he will get one. No easy answer for a society that's so entrenched in violence. The average child sees death, shootings, stabbings, psychological defects and their outcome all the time on the tv, but God forbid if he should see a naked breast, our puritan roots and philosophies are so flawed......