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Thinking about coming back to Surface Pro-OneNote question


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This may end up being a long post, but please do bear with me, as I could really do with some advice.

I’m thinking of returning to the Surface Pro family after a few years on the darkside, with an iPad Pro 12.9. However, I have a question about OneNote functionality on the Surface Pro, that hopefully someone can answer.

I am a teacher and use OneNote as part of my work. I need to be able to use a planner template in OneNote as my diary, and also use OneNote class notebook which is accessed through our VLE called Glow.

My question is really about behaviour during offline use and then syncing when returning to an internet connection, as I am not allowed to connect to the school wi-fi.

At the moment with my iPad Pro, I have my planner notebook saved in my OneDrive that is provided by the school district through O365. Although it is saved in the cloud, it must be cached on the iPad, as I can access the notebook, and add notes, annotations etc, when I have no wi-fi signal, like when I’m in school. When I come hone and connect to wi-fi, and I open OneNote, it syncs to OneDrive, allowing me to access the updated notebook from other devices, like my phone, which is really important.

My question is, will OneNote on the Surface Pro give me the same level of offline flexibility of use as I have described that I get on the iPad, or is that unique to the iPad app. I ask, as I had issues several years ago with the transition between offline and cloud being very clunky and not very reliable in OneNote on the Surface
Pro, which combined with my losing an entire weekend’s conference notes from OneNote drove me to the iPad Pro. I appreciate that OneNote and OneDrive have moved on considerably since then, but need to know if I will get the functionality I need before making the jump.

It is also quite seamless on the iPad to move between notebooks in my personal, school and University OneDrive storage, is this likely to be the case on the Surface Pro.

Sorry for the long post, but I really do appreciate any help anyone can give me, as I really would like to return to Surface Pro for the additional functionality of the hardware, but cannot risk losing the functionality I need to have for work.