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Throttling i5 vs i7


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I'm pretty happy with my SP4 i5 and will probably buy a second SP4.
I do 3D work and I'm traveling quite a lot, so every pound of luggage matters.

Throttling wise the i5 is doing very well, even after 1:30 hours of full cpu rendering time, the i5 6300U is running at about 2.8 GHz (with no GPU usage).

I wonder if the i7 can do the same, or will it throttle sooner, because of the higher turbo boost?


honestly it used to throttle on my i7. Just installed the latest firmware and it plays great! it feels like they changed to the thermal settings on the device. it seems like I never need the fan.


My SP4 i7 only throttles when it is using the GPU by way of power limit throttling.

If it is using the CPU alone it will maintain its max turbo speed indefinitely with no throttling.