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Tips, Tricks and Hacks on the Surface Pro


I think we need a thread for tips and what not for the surface pro. Like settings, options etc.

I would like to know what is working best for battery life interms of settings...

I am using a little program called Start8 to get back the start button from windows 7. I like it. Anyone else have some cool finds or tips?
I would guess all of the space freeing up tactics of the RT would work.

Pretty much everything for RT works just not the other way (Windows RT is a limitation of Windows 8). As far as tips and tricks, that is sort of what this whole forum is about ;) Read around and try using the search for the things you are interested in since there may already be a thread covering it :D
You could also set your pgae file size to 0. The only down side being you will get low memory warnings if you have a number of memory hog applications open.
*Push Fn+Up or Down arrow keys for easier page down function. Fn+Left or Right arrow keys for Home and End function.

*To get perfect pen calibration use this command in the Run dialog. "tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=10,60,110,360,660,960,1260,1560,1860,1910 YGridPts=10,60,170,330,490,650,810,970,1020,1070"

*To boot into BIOS hold the volume up button, turn on the PC, and release it when it shows the Surface screen

*To select a boot device hold the volume down button, turn on the PC, and release it when it shows the Surface screen

*To fix weird scaling in games, disable "DPI Scaling" in the compatibility options for the game. Or reduce DPI scaling to 100%

*To fix black borders at non-native resolutions, press F7 and change secondary display to Extended (haven't verified this but heard it works)
Thanks for those. The BIOS trick would have been a lot more fun if I could have set the fans to "always on" and keep this toaster oven a bit cooler .