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Trackpad on Type keyboard loses settings


Hi, I usually disable the trackpad on the Type keyboard (Type 2) as I have a wedge mouse and the trackpad is mostly a nuisance. I'm constantly hitting the trackpad by mistake when I type and next thing I know my cursor and new text are in the wrong spot on the document.

My old SP1 had an app that you downloaded to disable the trackpad and worked perfectly. My new SP2 with 8.1 has this integrated now into the O/S. The problem is that I have the trackpad set to off and when I boot the unit, it is indeed off. However, it seems to sooner or later re-enable itself even though the setting for the trackpad is still showing "off". If I simply remove the keyboard and re-attach while still powered up, it recognizes the "off" setting again and disables the trackpad.

I'm not sure when or what seems to wake up the trackpad. Anyone else seen this? Thanks!


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Similarly, the setting to toggle whether or not two-finger scrolling is inverted will not stay how I set it for long. I am thinking there is an overarching problem with the trackpad settings.