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Trouble With SP4 Type Cover


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Hello all. I'm hoping someone on here can help me out. I have an sp4 and the type cover stopped working out of the blue the other day. I have an sp3 that I use for work so I tried that type cover on my sp4 and it worked fine. Then I tried my sp4 type cover on my work sp3 and it worked fine. I have tried everything from cleaning the contacts on the keyboard and sp4 to doing a complete restore on the sp4. Does anyone out there have any ideas?


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Hi. I'm seeing this intermittently on my wife's SP4. Suddenly the cover goes unresponsive at boot. The solution that works to get it working is long press the power button (press and hold down for a minimum of 30 sec) - after that the KB comes alive and usually stays ok for about 6 months.