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Type Cover dead, after recent software update


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Wowzeeers, not been on here for a while!

However recently had a pretty major issue and other than 7-8 people on Microsoft Community I can't seem to find much about it.

So... keyboard stopped working, can't type, even in BIOS - No lights etc. completely dead. On MC they're saying it happened to them after a software update, I tried reinstalling Windows 11, but no change. Maybe it reinstalls with latest update? Can I revert to an older version using ISO files? Unfortunately rollback is not an option for me (greyed out)

I contacted official support and they just told me to order a new keyboard. I'm not convinced it's going to work, but I've ordered one anyway just to see.

Anyone else experienced this?


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Well, to update... kind of unfortunately (depending on how you look on it) a new keyboard did in fact cure this. Nice and quick, I guess, but I'm disappointed that a £160 keyboard only lasts a smidge over 2 years. Never had this issue with the previous design. In fact my mum still has my OG Surface Pro, going on 10 years now and keyboard (and the rest of it) still working perfectly!


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Well, I'm glad you got a favorable resolution.
In my case, the keyboard worked on a different device so the keyboard port on my Pro X is toast.