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UHD mkv file


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hi everybody
my surface pro 4 with i7 16 G ram and 512 ssd can't read UHD movies correctly ! i use vlc the video is verry slow ! is the i7 of the surface pro not enought strong to play uhd ?
ps: the file is copied on the intern ssd of the surface pro ! / tried mny files the same problem / however i can read those files on my other desktop i7 8 G of RAM and a Geforce 8600 .


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Welcome hica.

I've the 4gb i5 and have never had an issue with any type of UHD media.


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yea my SP3 can play UHD no problems and I only have the i5... something doesn't sound right.


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ok thanks i don't speak about youtube uhd files, but a big file! it's a movie here is informations about the mkv file:
Size : 59.4 GB Time : 2H3min
Video stream : HEVC (H265)
Overal bit rate : 69.1 Mbs
Resolution : 3840x2160 (16:9) at 23.976 (24000/1001)FPS

ps i use Desktop vlc
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dear lord that's a big file! even for a 4K, biggest 4k file I ever had was 38.8GB and I thought THAT was big! perhaps the encoding is not done well? normally VLC can play anything I throw at it, UNLESS its coded badly and then I get problems... that could be happening in your case.