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Unable to sign in and launch Windows 11


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After removing my details from my Surface Pro 4 prior to sale (using procedures on the MS site), I am now locked out and can't get back in to Windows. The log-in page still shows my name (why?) and password box but my MS account password, my Windows password or my PIN does not allow me back in to finish the job of removing my name. What do I do now?

I meticulously followed the instructions to create a boot up USB drive but could not get it to work on the Surface. I then noticed that these were for Windows 10 whereas my Surface Pro 4 (bought re-conditioned) operates on Win 11. So I downloaded the Win 11 Media creation tool. But in the Troubleshooting section it states that you have to have Windows running to use it. Which is the root cause of my problem i.e. I cannot boot up my machine. On the sign-in screen it still displays my name (even though I thought I'd eliminated it) and asks for a password which I can't provide. After trying to re-install Window many times, I must have unwittingly changed something so that the sign-in screen now displays Administrator instead of my name and there is a message "Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator). So how can I get into my Surface to launch Windows?