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Unit display becomes unresponsive with slight 'squeeze.'


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This is my 2nd unit from an exchange that arrived this morning. A full charge later and some normal use and its clear I've received a defective refurbished unit. The screen becomes totally unresponsive with a slight squeeze in the corner and that is completely unacceptable as simple 'handling of the unit' causes this dilemma and it's definitely not meant to be a stationary tablet.... Le sigh. Video attached to show what I'm talking about.



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Very strange. Interesting you were able to find the part of the screen with a loose connection. What are the odds? Better than finding out down the line it was closer to the center and being driven nuts not knowing why the screen would sometimes cut out.


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I can't figure out how to watch the video. Now isn't that a surprise :in love:

Not sure if that is sarcasm or what, lol...

Either way, its a complete write-off. It's just bad luck too... My service request # has been escalated to a "support team" as opposed to an individual to ensure I don't get another refurbished unit and instead get a NEW unit... Well, I guess only time will tell, lol.


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Wow, that's just bad luck. I'm sure they will get it all sorted out for you. Keep us updated as to how the unit they send you performs.