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USB Port on Surface Pro


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I have been pleased with my Surface Pro, however find that its USB port seems difficult to use. I've put a USB flash drive
in there a few times, and it is difficult to slide in and take out. I get concerned I'm going to break either the drive or
the USB port. Does anyone else have this issue as well? Thank you.



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The USB port is a tight fit on mine also. I wouldn't worry about it, just a bit tighter than normal.


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Kim --

As Igor said, it's a little tighter than usual, but certainly nothing to be alarmed about. What may make it seem difficult at first is that your eye tempts you into trying to insert the drive at an angle perpendicular to the beveled edge, which doesn't work too well. Another is that you need to hold the Pro in place while you insert the USB drive, unlike inserting one into a desktop machine. You're not likely to break anything just using it. Glad you like the Pro, and welcome to the forum.



Welcome to the Forum Mate ,

This is due to the design of surface pro so it bit harder to insert USB Port .
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As others have said, mine is snug, but nothing that makes me worry that I'm going to break something.