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Use Technical Preview and Still Get Free Upgrade


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I've been using Windows 10 as a daily driver for my desktop for quite some time now and really love it. I was curious about the best way to handle installing windows 10 on my Surface (when it comes) and still be eligible for the free upgrade when Windows 10 releases. I contacted Windows support and asked, "If I were to install and use Windows 10 preview on my Surface Pro, would I still be eligible for the free upgrade w/o Windows 8 being installed?". He simply answered, "Yes, you just activate it."

Just in case anyone else was curious about this.
Won't really know until it's released and we can learn how MS plan to implement this. It could be that a fresh install is required, or it could be that it can just be updated over the top of the preview. Just a case of the waiting game i'm afraid. Maybe one of the MVPs on this forum have an idea about how the process will work, but i've not come across any info on it yet.
Though it dodn't spell it out in so many words something I read the other day leads me to think it will all be an in place upgrade. Kinda like slipstreams. The piece I read said Microsoft intends to continue builds with added features even after release.