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Using Surface Pen in Lightroom CC


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Hi everyone,

I'm the proud new owner of a surface book, which I bought last weekend. I'm using it as a portable photo-editing machine and I'm getting to grips with using the pen in lightroom.

Overall im really pleased with this arrangement, the pen is awesome for brushing etc. There are a couple of little things that are irritating me which I hope someone can help with!

When doing local adjustments, if I want to delete one normally I click on the little "pin" with the mouse and hit delete on the keyboard, or right click on the mouse. I cant seem to find a way to do this with the pen, and since I reverse the screen on the keyboard to edit in tablet mode with the GPU active, the keyboard doesnt work!

Secondly, I cant seem to find a way to select multiple photos to do photo merge etc. Is there a way to do this?



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Did you ever find out how to do this? And any other tips you have for using Lightroom with a pen in tablet mode?

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