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Lightroom cc and Surface 3 (Non pro model)


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Hello All,

I plan to pick up up the surface 3 with 4/128gb LTE and use it as my daily carry to work. I will also use it on photo shoots with my wireless Eyefi card.

I currently do heavy editing with Photoshop/Lightroom CC at home on an HP desktop running Intel i7 processor. So basically i want to use the surface 3 to do minor LR edits at work.

Has anyone used the S3 with LR CC . I know it won't be super fast but I rather put the extra savings towards more glass then an SP3/4.



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Welcome to the forum

Lightroom will work. The question is, would you be satisfied with the performance on that lower end processor? Same goes for PhotoShop. The M3 processor is not included in their minimum recommended hardware


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Why not try it. With CC you can download and install it also on your Surface. It'll work as long as you're not trying to use it on your desktop at the same tiem. I have LR CC on both my Desktop and Surface (pro 3).
I'd think it'd be ok, however as LR is really for batch processing I would guess it would struggle a lot more than say editing one image at a time in PS.


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I agree with moonsurface. Why not just buy it, try it, and if it doesn't meet your needs, return it :) that's what the return window is for.


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There is a video online of someone successfully using PSCC on a Surface 3 and being impressed with how well it coped. However lightroom may be a different matter as the rendering of previews of images is processor intensive. It may be very slow but you can always reduce the size of the previews. On my SP3 i7 it took an hour to render smart previews and 1:1 previews at highest qualityof 250 RAW files from a D800 - which is about the same time as it would take my desktop PC. however I cant see the Surface 3 coping with that. A few files at a time at lower settings and not renderign smart previews might be possible

An alternative option (and I hate myself for saying this) is using Lightroom Mobile on an android or ipad tablet. That program is specifically for the purpose of using on a tablet and it syncs with CC> I have never used it as I have neither type of tablet and I don't believe there's a Windows LR mobile app, but then I don't need one as obviously I can use the full program on my SP3...