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Video playing problems with latest updates


New to Surface 2 forums. Always been Android before this (apart from when I was webOS but I cry when I think about that !)

Got my new Surface 2 and like lots of it however I did hit some problems. I installed all updates almost as soon as I switched it on, and then tried to play videos and always got an error (can't play that file type). Got it on everything, even things that I know were encoded h.264 and on a Doctor Who episode that was availble for free on the Xbox video.

I also got some strange tearing effects on the screen sometimes.

Read somewhere (can't find it now, ahhhh) that it was to do with an recent update so I took it back to factory settings - and it all works now. Sounds like a driver mess up.

Sorry to be a pain but I have a few (!) questions;

Is this a known issue ?

Have others faced it ?

Am I safe to update again or will that just break it again ?

Is there a way to only apply certain updates ?

If so, which update causes the problem ?


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Glad you found the official thread--keep in mind that this isn't an official MS board (surfaceforums.net), so you should chime in on the official site to make sure MS gets more eyes on the problem. I have not seen that particular error, but I only access Youtube through IE and play my own videos from local storage or stream from Amazon Prime (also IE).

Since you rolled back and it seems the problem is update-related, then you could just hold off on updating until there's an official resolution... I wouldn't know, but perhaps other users who've owned a Surface 2 longer and ran into problems could pinpoint the date and thus KB# for the problematic patch.