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Watch Two Crazy YouTube Dudes Eat the 'Carolina Reaper' - World's Hottest Pepper


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Here's a fun Off Topic entertainment post for today.

Even if you are a fan of spicy foods, you may not be aware that there is something called the Scoville scale. This scale is a numeric rating system that allows people to compare the relative hotness of one pepper to another. For example, a Jalapeno pepper has a potential maximum of 4,000 Scoville heat units (SHU), whereas the hottest Banana pepper only has a rating of 900 SHU.

For your viewing pleasure, the video above features two YouTube movie "heroes" (in their respective fields) teaming up to try out the world's hottest chili pepper. That honor goes to the Carolina Reaper, which is a "crazy mad scientist's" hybrid between a red habanero pepper and a ghost pepper. To put it in perspective, the Carolina Reaper has an SHU of between 1.6 to 2.2 MILLION SHU's! That's obviously considerably more painful to your tastebuds than your standard Jalapeno.

The video is a bit slow in the beginning as they chat a bit while building up to the moment of truth. At first, it doesn't appear too bad, but keep in mind that both of these YouTubers are experts in eating spicy foods on camera. After just a few moments, both men look like steam might pour from their ears at any moment, and they can barely deal with the pain. It's hard not to laugh at their folly.



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I have several "Trinidad" scorpion pepper plants. It used to be the record hokder until the new hybrids were invented. Now it's #5. Trust me, it will ruin your whole week. Good fun to watch guests who think they are all that sample it.