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Weird issue

I purchased used low price Surface Book 1, expected to work fine but was wrong.
As you can see, missing key to deattach, which was sold like this.
While I was using the laptop out of a sudden it started to behave like I was touching display.It started to scroll down vertically without me touching laptop at all.
Seems like a serious issue.
I tried to use it as a tablet but damn, it shut it self down because battery suddenly depleted from 55 % to 15% then shutdown.
But as a tablet worked fine for like 10 minutes,no issues.
what can I do with this garbage?Any chance to repair?


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Is this returnable? hope you didn't spend much on it.
How adventurous do you want to get ??? battery replacement, screen replacement, key/keyboard replacement. not even sure that would fix all the problems.

while you have it open may as well replace the SSD too.
Spent 200 euros.The seller is still telling me it was sold without issues.
yeah I can and probably will return it, just hope it is not smth that is easily managable since I am good with repairing PCs but Surface is not repairable.
This issue easily could happen with viruses.
I can reinstall OS but the seller told me not to do it.
When I dont use it it just hangs and nothing happens wrong.
Immediatley when I start to work with it it starts to vertical scroll without me touching it.
seller told you not to reinstall ??? To me that's a red flag ... possibly a managed device from a company or organization which would require jumping through hoops in order to reinstall. Managed devices have their serial number registered and unless it's been removed from the management platform will require a valid login to reinstall.

I'd just cut bait on this and return it ... too many issues
I booted from Ventoy USB trying to boot virtual OS, and yet still the keyboard icon in bottom right corner was blinking which means in some way that seems like the some key is pressed which obviously is not.t
So it is not software related.
I really like this device, I hav second offer for 300 euros but after this issue, I am not sure if I want other device.
In tablet mode works normally but that would not be an option.
You could simply disable the touchscreen, or rather, the touch function of the touch screen. It's doable, I think you disable the appropriate "pointing device" under "Device Manager" (do your homework before fooling around with that).

That would stop the screen from behaving as if it's being touched. Of course, that would also stop it from behaving as if it's being touched even when you're actually touching it! In other words: You wouldn't have a touchscreen anymore.
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