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What to do if Microsoft Repair center has lost your device?


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I recently sent my Surface Pro to the Sydney(Aust) repair center as requested when trying to troubleshoot an issue via their phone support. Tracking details show that it was successfully delivered, but they seem to have lost it. I've got nowhere with phone support except a lot of "We'll look into it and call you back by ....", but they never call me back.

I've tried to get the issue escalated. They say they have and I will definitely get a call back, but these calls also never arrive.

Is this level of incompetence what others find? (If so I will pay the extra on my next SP for the better warranty).
Is there any way to get to talk to someone more senior to the supervisors of Microsoft Phone Support?
Well, it looks like it might be time to have a lawyer sent them a certified letter with a copy of the info proving they received it and demanding they send you a new one plus paying for his fees.
Yes, I was afraid I would need a third party to get involved. I can't believe that there is no way to speak to anyone at Microsoft/Surface who will give me an update or email me back with any information.

Surely there is some sort of department that is senior to these others?
I heard a story on the radio two days ago where a man was erroneously given the cell phone number of a company honcho. He called the guy. The phone was answered. The honcho gave him the number to a special problems department that the general public never hears about, and the problem was resolved. I was surprised that the honcho didn't get upset and just hang up on the man. Too bad you can't have that kind of experience.