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Whats your preferred encoding settings for vids?


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Just starting out ripping my dvds to watch on the Surface. Bougth a DVD ripping tool, which has loads of settings, and there seems to be (an obvious) tradeoff between quality settings and size of file. I've got a 64GB surface, but thats not going to hold many movies.

I'm using the iPad resettings at the moment, which means 1280*720, and encoded in H.264. That gives me 2GB file for Up, compared to 6GB if it were MP4.

What do others do? Should I use a smaller resolution, or alternatively given the native screen is 1366*768, should I use a custom setting which is that size?


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Aw: Whats your preferred encoding settings for vids?

H264= Standard for video compression.
MP4 can include h264 for video.
Despite the surfaces 1366x768 screen, a 720p conversion is gonna be the right way.

What container you should prefer depends on your audio/format. If you want to keep DolbyDigital 5.1 sound you have to choose AC3 encoding. In this case zou have to use something like DIVX, because MP4 couldn't include this.
If you have a DTS, Stereo or Mono audio tracks or want to see the movie just on your surface, then reencode the whole thing to aac and use the MP4 container.

In terms of video, h264 is sort of best option. Most a/v devices those days are capable of playing mp4 with h264 and aac, so you just have to make 1 version.

My preferred settings are h264 video with a crf of 20 and aac (downmix to stereo) with an average of 160 or 192kpbs. This is an nice mix of speed and quality. I'm using Xmedia Recoder.
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