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When do you think Microsoft will release a Smart Watch?


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With Google unveiling a few android smart watches last week, when do you think Microsoft will announce something?


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My guess is that an announcement will come soon, the actual watch, when the cows come home. ;);)

Microsoft isn't going to sit by and watch from the sidelines. But they need to move on something soon.

cereal killer

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MSFT will do it right. I have a feeling their Smartwatch's will tie into WP's with some very impressive never before seen features.

The experience when using their smartwatch with iOS/Android will be spectacular as well, but I have a feeling they are going to offer consumers on WP something just a little bit more.


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I have a feeling they will release one before apple, but nobody cares because MS isn't ''trendy''.
Apple watches will sell like mad.


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Yup... I'm sure it'll be the same as Surface Vs iPad, i.e. Microsoft's smartwatch will be more useful but Apple's will look better and sell more.

I'd be tempted to get a Microsoft one, but then again I do use an iPhone...
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