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Why is the Surface as Fast as It Is? Why Not Faster?


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I find it strange the surface is much slower(perhaps much is too strong. Speeds are noticeably slower) in retrospect compared to its other 1.4 ghz terga 3 brothers as far as things like HTML 5 and things of similar nature. Is it simply they need to optimize it more or what other factors play a part in this?
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How are you determining the tablet is slower than other tablets with similar hardware? My experience with web browsing and email is this is the best tablet I've seen for those tasks.
Internet Explorer has never been known to be a speed demon. I'm fairly certain it will get better with updates.
Actually it is a known issue that the Surface is not using all the cores of Tegra 3 for multitasking.AMD has admitted it. It will take some time but we should see some speed increases in general. We have already seen improvements in a few updates.
Guitar gave an answer Im looking for. I figured the optimization for all cores hasn't quite up there yet. I hope with as frequent as the surface is updated we will see the speeds really speed up. I made the switch from an iPad and haven't looked back since. I love the surface!
did you compare the same website on the surface to say an iPad? im just interested in knowing why you think browsing is slower than other tabs, from my experience the Surface has the best browsing the internet experience of all the tabs ive used. ive never compared the speed of the browsers through.
I'm just not sure where they are getting the opinion that browsing on the Surface is slow. Other than browsing to the same page on the same wifi with the tablets next to each other, I don't know how you would know this.
Well on my Wife's iPad visiting Google+ web site on the iPad it loads fast but on the surface it's slow and most sites just seem to take to little time to load.