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So, a little over a week ago I scored a screaming deal on a Surface 3 (2gb/64gb) from a Best Buy store manager I do Microsoft merchandising visits for. Since then I have really fallen in love with the little fellow as he served pretty much my ever need.

From the day I brought it home my girlfriend became quite envious. We have been looking at building a new desktop (shes an Architect and I am a Mechanical Engineer....we CAD quite a lot lol) and she decided she wanted something along the lines of a surface so she could surf the net on the couch. She had been using my Nexus 7 2013 and decided she wanted something with a bit more oompf.

Well...today I decided why not and got myself a SP4, i5 4 gb 128gb (It really pays being so friendly and knowing/ working with all these Best Buy Store managers for 5+ years). The new keyboard is absolutely amazing and paired with my surface arc touch mouse, just looks so sleek. I could not be any more happy right now.

Now, to just migrate everything over and surprise the ms.