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Will New Surface Pen Work on Surface 3?

I know nobody has it yet, but speculation is invited: Do you think that the new Surface Pen, with the eraser and the changeable tips, will work on the Surface 3?


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From what I understand, the new pen is able to do what it does because the new SP4 has a special co-processor in it that helps the pen input process faster. Previous Surfaces don't have a special co-processor for the pen so I would assume that the new pen will only work with the SP4 and the Surface Book. That's my two cents. If we come to discover that the new pen does work with Surface 3 then I am TOTALLY getting one!


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I'm pretty certain it will work, but not have all the functions like all the points of contact and sensitivity.


According to the Microsoft store site, it works with Surface Pro 3 so I would expect it to work with the Surface 3. Hopefully someone will be able to test it in a few days.