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Win RT language support


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Hey all,

I haven't purchased the Surface RT yet but I'm seriously considering it. I couldn't find so far information about language support, so I thought to ask here.
Is the interface multi-lingual (like the iOS)? Or will I have to choose one language at the beginning similar to Win 7? I live in Germany but I want it to be in English and not in German..
In addition - is it possible to type (both on the touch keyboard and the screen one) in non-English languages such as Hebrew? And are there problems in viewing webpages, pdfs, documents etc in those languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and such...)?

Thanks a lot!



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Switching between english and German keyboard-layout is rather easy and fast (Win+space). If you want to change the system-language, it is is the same process like on Win 7, but at least it's possible on the european-version. Like on Win 7 you're able to install language packs and switch the system-language to english. I have no idea regarding writing with non-latin-types, sry.
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