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windows 10 first thoughts


Hi guys

I have downloaded and installed the tech preview in hyper v. So far the os is shaping up nicely.

The start menu I really like. Although I strangely miss the charms.

I have only had a very brief play and have yet to find the switch to tablet mode (although this may not be supported by the hyperv client).

Still plenty of issues to iron out (the mail app crashed and failed to sync when I opened it). So far it feels good. I'm not quite brave enough yet to install it on the SPro.

It will certainly be easier for XP and win 7 users to adapt to.

For the record I like the Metro Start screen.... I hope it's still available for tablets. Will investigate further.



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My first thoughts . . . I really like the absence of window border and window shadows. It gives the "flat look" some depth.

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