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Windows 10 Will Now Be Automatically Downloaded by Most PCs


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I looks like Microsoft wants to more aggressively push Windows 10 on to users. They plan to convert the Windows 10 upgrade into a "recommended update" in its Windows Update system. That means update will download and start automatically for thousands of users. Here's a quote with more of the details,

"Officials did concede that users with automatic updates enabled might see the Windows 10 upgrade automatically initiate on their devices. But they said that users would not be fully moved to Windows 10 unless they proactively chose to do so. And if anyone does move -- intentionally or inadvertently -- to Windows 10 and are unhappy with it, they have 31 days to roll back to their previous Windows versions."

It's a small consolation that users can opt out, but it's still frustrating that part of the download starts automatically, taking up valuable hard drive space for some. For many PC users who have the old school platter HDDs (hard disk drives) of gigantic sizes, it's probably not too much of a problem, but for many who have upgraded to speedier, but more expensive and smaller SSDs (Solid State Drives), it could pose a serious issue.

What do you think of Microsoft's aggressive push to get Windows 10 on your PC?

Source: ZDNet


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I think it is a load of crap. Never tell your customer what is best for them if you can't give a genuine justification. And for the majority of users there is no reason to want or need to upgrade to 10.

I will add. I absolutely love 10 on my surface, however other than a few added features, Windows 8.1 with startdock8 is much more enjoyable to use on my htpc. People use certain operating systems for specific reasons, respect that.


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don't you get the battery issues with windows 10?
I guess it depends on your definition of battery problems. I get no less than 5 hours of constant use on my SP4 and many users here are getting that at the low end. I have been able to manage double a couple times. The laptops I have upgraded from 8.1 to 10 saw no difference in battery use after some tweaking.


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don't you get the battery issues with windows 10?

There are certainly some issues with sleep (I always shut my device down anyway as it only takes seconds to boot up). However aside from that, nope, battery life is just great for me and in line with what MS quoted. Naturally your usage will effect what battery you get, but i'm generally in the 8-10 hour range due to my limited usage scenario (almost exclusively drawboard pdf, office, and powerpoint). I do not have broadband so cannot comment on web browsing etc.


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i am currently now on Windows 10 ( i felt kinda brave today )...i just really find it odd that i had the same usage when i was in 8.1 but battery really seemed to be drained a lot faster in windows 10. i got around 5-6 hours using visual studio while browsing the web on 8.1 but on windows 10 i only got 3-4 hours of usage.
this is really alarming for me as power plugs are really limited in the place i work in. and this is considering i have a power cover. the power cover only gave me 1-2 hours of extra juice.