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Windows Media Center working over Wifi on SP3


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After just a little tinkering tonight I was able to add the WMC feature (after paying MS their d**m $10), and get it working with my HD HomeRun Prime over wifi. To be clear - this is only over very high bandwidth wifi - my 802.11AC is getting 400-500Mbps to my SP3. If you only have gigabit ethernet to get this level of bandwidth it will still work with that.

The big issue I found was that when it first opens up, WMC will report that the built in display is not HDCP compliant, but just change the channel and that will go away.

My process was pretty simple:
1. Add a IP address reservation for the HD HomeRun Prime (this was just because I like to keep my network neat and tidy)
2. Add the WMC feature to Windows (pay $10 mpeg2 tax to MS)
3. Install the HD HomeRun Prime windows software and run through the setup (even if you are already setup - you must do this)
4. Start WMC and configure the TV tuner source (WMC will find the 3 tuner cablecard device)
5. Follow the prompts to evaluate the computer for Digital cable access (download, run, success)
6. Watch TV

This might be the coolest feature I have discovered about the SP3. I could never get my XPS12 to get a good enough wifi connection for WMC. This is fantastic!