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Wireless AC pathetic speeds


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As titled/

I Have an airport extreme router - latest generation. I have a good many devices able to connect at full speed.

SUrface pro 3 maxes connection speed at 866 but can't even stream native format mkv from plex to the surface pro 3 -- something a bunch of other devices can do even on the n band.

So not only is the connection showing half possible connection speed possibility from five feet away, It's not getting anywhere near that bandwidth. struggling to maintain a 5MBps connection

Speed on copies fluctuates greatly and it seems the adapter in this evice is incapable of maintaining connectivity properly. It's the latest in a long line of defective parts as far as i'm concerned but maybe someone here has an idea of how to get a connection that's stable - even if it showed connecting at 300 if it actually stayed at that speed it would be fine.

Thanks for any assistance, I am very unfortunately stuck with this absolute pile of trash of a machine - so any help is greatly appreciated.


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It has more to with your router than the SP3, Airport uses Broadcom and there has been compatibility issues between its Chipset and the Marvell used by the Surface.

My Netgear R7000 streams from Plex without issue.
I can pass through my 300 Mbps internet on mine without a problem on WiFi.

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I have a Netgear R3700 that passes through WiFi on my SP4 as fast as any of my other WiFi devices. Unfortunately my Internet speeds aren't all that fantastic compared with others on the forum.


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My sp3 used to get 200 down 200 up without an issue.

When it was first released, yes, lots of WiFi issues reported, that was fixed yonks ago though.