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Xbox Branded Pot in the Future? Microsoft Invests in a Legal Weed Startup


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Microsoft just invested in a startup company called "Kind." What makes this newsworthy is that this company's purpose is to track marijuana plants from "seed to sale," and help legal dealers comply with laws. Yep... it's a legal pot company. Microsoft can do this because the sale of marijuana is legal in Washington state.

The fact that Microsoft has taken this step is a potentially big risk, but could open a doorway to legitimacy. Most banks and conglomerates in corporate America still see the legal weed industry as sketchy at best. Now that one of the largest tech titans in the world has taken that first plunge, we might see the reluctance begin to fade as more corporations see the potential for profit in that industry.

It isn't likely we will see Xbox branded pot available anytime soon, but it's still a bold move for the company, and could lead to a larger acceptance across the country. Here's a statement from Microsoft's Kimberly Nelson, "We do think there will be significant growth. As the industry is regulated, there will be more transactions, and we believe there will be more sophisticated requirements and tools down the road."

Source: The New York Times
It sounds like just another tech investment to me. The "product" isn't as important as the software tech.
XBOX Weed available at your local smoke shop ;) but why are we assuming XBox is the brand? I give you Surface Pot Pro, it has a fuzzy appeal to it. :)
I don't see the problem. :) There's 'high' profit to be made when you get in on the 'ground' floor and 'smoke' out the competition.