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Zbrush and Photoshop Pen lag


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I don't know if this has been brought up in this forum, but maybe if I create this thread people will chime in.

I use Zbrush and Photoshop professionally so its very important to me this gets resolved, or resolved soon.

1. On both Zbrush, pressure sensitivity does not work. Photoshop it works sometimes.
2. It lags so bad, that sometimes I draw a line, it doesnt appear until a bit later.
3. Zbrush, I can't use hot keys or physical buttons to navigate or change brushes etc. (any way around this?)

Is there any solution to any of this? I read that for some Surface Pro 3 users, they downloaded the wacom drivers to get it to work. I know Surface Book doesn't use Wacom, but would it work for this case?

Anyone else with other problems, please chime in!
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