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Discussion in 'Surface 3 (Atom)' started by benone, Aug 5, 2019.

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    I own a surface 3 device purchased in a local authorised reseller in Hong Kong.

    Last week I found the battery swell as it pushes the monitor and a gap appears.

    If I plug the device to the dock, I am not able to switch it on.

    I contacted Microsoft local support, sent them all the photos and SN.

    After a few day I got their reply: Stop using the device.

    I am very disappointed because as an enterprise Microsoft is not offering me any solution.

    (1) They didn't offer me any recycle/replace solution, no matter it is free or not.

    (2) They didn't answer my question how should I handle the device. How can I dispose it?

    (3) They didn't let me talk to anyone senior.

    (4) They didn't give any channel of complain.

    (5) I sent the problem to Microsoft fanpage, they are ignoring me after knowing my problem

    I am super worry the device will catch fire. And I don't have any ideas how should I dispose it.

    Microsoft didn't reply me anything about my safety.

    My advice is Microsoft after sell service is suck, I won't buy surface anymore.

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