Can't Format my new SDXC 64gb card I bought for my RT

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion' started by guitar1969, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I bought a Sandisk Ultra 64gb microSD specifically because I read it was compatible with the Surface RT. My RT recognizes it when I plug it in, but will not let me format it. I have tried all three file types(NTFS FAT and extFAT) but no go with default allocation size. It says "Windows was unable to complete format" when I try. I have tried to do it under Disk management but no go - It shows it as health with 30.99 mb as aRAW file format. I am not sure what to do at this point.

    Any ideas?
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    If possible, try formatting the card with your computer.

    I bought a 64GB sandisk (through Amazon) a couple of months ago, and it ended up being bad, and I sent it back.

    With mine, I noticed that the transfer speed (64gb class 10) was considerably slower than my 32GB (class 4) cards, and, when copying MP4 files to it, half my (all working) TV episodes ended up corrupted when I copied them over.
    Formatting the card and copying the same episodes over again resulted in others not working, and ones that didn't work worked.

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