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Discussion in 'Surface 3 (Atom)' started by InspectHerGadget, May 28, 2015.

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    I have a good story to tell.

    The end result is I am getting two Surface 3 s in the mail. Should both be here next week.

    I went to order online at the Microsoft Store and got stuck on the verification for the student discount. My wife works at a school and is entitled to this discount.

    I got onto the chat. The technician blamed bad cookies, possibly past their use-by date or stale maybe? Anyway by the time I ate the cookies the chat had shut down.

    I had a glass of milk then tried ordering again, but the same thing happened in spite of eating all my cookies and restarting the order process with a clean basket.

    I then contacted another technician who was adamant that the reason I couldn't get the discount was that I had ordered an SP3 back in October and I was only allowed one device per person per year in the Surface family. I had done my chips or maybe cookies, whatever. I then went ahead and paid full price and placed the order.

    I wasn't too happy though so I thought I'd get this rule in writing to at least pass onto others on the forum. The third technician referred me to some documentation relevant to the US and Puerto Rico which really didn't cover the rule but agreed that I wasn't allowed another Surface this year or until October. I read the documentation she referred me to but thought it ridiculous and very vague and unsatisfactory.

    I then went on chat again. This time I got a technician and things started to go the same way again. This time I was insistent on seeing the black and white of it. There really wasn't any. She spoke to her supervisor who said 'no problem' you should be able to buy up to five in one year.

    She then phoned me from Romania and I placed the order with the educational discount. The existing order at full price ordered earlier this evening can't be cancelled so I need to refuse delivery when it arrives then it goes back to Microsoft and eventually I get a refund on that. It is a lot of work to save $100 and really it wasn't my fault.

    Fortunately it looks more or less sorted but certainly a lot of time involved for me and still more problems ahead and probably several weeks before I get a refund.

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