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    Hi everybody,

    I'm a guy from Belgium, the land of chocolate, beer, (Belgian) fries and The Red Devels! :)
    And Poirot ;)

    Last week, Monday, I paid a deposit for a Surface Pro 3 i7 with 512gig SSD (+ HDMI adapter), than I had to wait 2 days for the liberating message I could pick up the tablet/ultrabook...
    So, wednesday the 1st of April I finally could pick it up, I was excited.

    Big reason for that exitement is that this is my first new PC since 2004....:eek: yeah you read it well, it has been +11 years since I updated my laptop.
    That laptop that I used till this day was as expensive as this Surface Pro 3, around the 2100 USD marker.
    Its an Toshiba Qosmio, the gaming laptop of its day.

    It served/serves me well, but its just too slow for modern day use and also for the way I use a PC.
    Also, it still runs Windows XP and its just not safe anymore to keep using that system today.

    Why did I change it only after 11 years you ask?
    Its not that I am not interested in techstuff, in the contrary, I am a geek I must admit.
    So you can imagine I was exited.
    Another big Reason is mainly postponing, initially I wanted another (gaming) desktop PC to replace my lapop, but than the Ultrabooks came on the market, and soon after the hybrids.

    I loved the idea of a powerfull laptop, without being a pure gaming laptop.
    And also loved the practicality of a hybrid since meanwhile I also purchased a Nexus 7 tablet, first generation (wich I sold more than a year ago)
    But there was no hybrid powerfull enough and all tablets were running Android, for me, to replace my laptop and come somewhere near something powerfull, I wanted a grown up OS.
    So, Android tablets were not an option as a replacement.

    PS: I am a Windows user, always have been, always will.

    In 2011 however I did buy a small HP Pavilion dm1z, a very little (13 inch) but cool little thing, with an AMD E-350 CPU.
    I bought it initially for my last year at university to work on my paper etc.
    After that it became more and more a daily replacement tool for my now +11 years old laptop :)

    I even swaped the OS from a 32bit to a 64 bit (Windows 7) and it ran fast enough.
    Though Youtube was a bit daunting for my way of usage.
    But I did use it for all my word processing applications, watching movies (moviebuff) and my daily browsing/social media.
    Execpt for listening music, I kept my soundsystem connected to my old laptop for that, since it also had a handy S/PDIF connection...:cool:

    So, I bought the topmodel SP3 i7 and its everyting I expected it to be!
    As a replacement for my Toshiba the docking station had to come some day, and today i bought the docking station as well :cool:

    Maybe someday I will post how my deks looks like, clean as hell! :cool:

    There is one bit of a small issue, my audio-sound system.
    I can keep using it, but only with an external USB soundcard so it seems.
    I assumed I could use the audio connection of the docking station, just like I used the S/PDIF connection on my 11 year old laptop to transfer the audio from my PC to my (also 11 year old, but rocking) Logitech sound system.
    But it seems I cannot, yet, anyway, I made a topic about that 'issue' here:

    But other than that! I love it.
    Dunno yet if I am ever gonna buy the backlid keyboard for this, or even a case, since I am not planning to really go outdoor with it...

    What I do see myself buying in the near future, is a second big screen (24") to go next to my television.
    I'd use that screen as a main screen for my PC, we'll see.

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    Welcome aboard. Are you not also the home of Hercule Poirot? ;)
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    Hello Riko, from one geek to another, welcome. I am very excited for you!

    Let us know as time goes on how you are enjoying your SP3.
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    Surface Book
    Good first post. Welcome. You've joined the right forum.
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    Congrats and welcome to the forum...

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