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NO SOUND - thru docking station with digital connection.


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Hi all,

I have tried everything, really everything exept for removing drivers because visually Windows recognizes the connection and I see the sound bars go up and down BUT, I have no sound.

Because pictures say more than words, here some pictures:

my audiosystem from Logitech:

my digtal audio connection, via s/pdif connection as seen on the picture (but I can swith it to optical):

it fits perfectly in the docking station, with a click:

How the connection is seen in Windows 8 on my Surface Pro 3:

As you can see the "Microsoft docking station audio device" is recognized and when I play music I can even see the green bars go up and down, so I assume the device is correctly connected and recognized.

For now I use my Terratec aureon 7.1 usb box to get sound from the system, its connected via USB to the docking station and with the same cable (wich I can swith from s/pdif to digital optical) to my speaker system.

But why don't I get audio from my speakers?
What else can I do?
I also refreched the drivers from device management but Windows say I have the latest driver.

I'd rather use only the audio cable between my soundsystem and the docking station.
Now I have that usb box with the usb cable and the audio cable.

I assume since Windows recognized the audio that Windows supports the s/pdif connection?

So, help :(

Thx anyway


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Hi fellow geek and southern neighbour. Unfortunately that is because unlike your Qosmio and some other notebooks like Macbook etc, the Surface Pro 3 dock does not have a combined analogue/digital out ... The minijack strictly is analogue... what you are trying to accomplish simply will not work .... I ended up investing in a solid USB dac instead, connecting the Surface to a digital power amplifier .... Audioquest Dragonfly is an example of a high-end USB dac but there are plenty others ...


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heel erg bedankt voor de reply! ;)

Currently this is my set up:


but I'll be looking for that USB DAC (never heard of that kind of hardware before), but the example you name is quite expensive at 129 euro.

My current set up is relatively clean, as you can see that USB box is neatly hidden at the back of the dock, but such a USB DAC would get rid of that box all in once of course.

Thx for the tip! :)


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Graag gedaan / My pleasure ... My advice is to do a bit of research, there are numerous alternatives varying from 50 to 1000+ euros. Audioengine also has some nice kit ...