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    Hi all! I have just jumped ship. I was an ipad user and now a happy S2 owner. I have been wanting to have it since Surface RT "1", but to be honest the moment i saw it in a store i thought it was not my time so i kept my ipad. And i always wanted the RT version, since i have no problem at all in shifting to the new metro apps paradigm. Moreover i really love the "apple" like environment done by Microsoft. I like to have the store, to not be allowed to sideload apps, and to be away from win32 apps. And having a common storage is a win, something i never liked about iOS was that they had that isolated storage for each app. And Office WITH Outlook is a killer feature to me.

    Hardware wise: Kickstand. Kickstand. Kickstand with two angles. I love you so much. I don't know if they could have used a more powerful processor, but speed and battery life are perfect. It took me sometime to get used to the 16:9 aspect ratio but i am ok with it. It may just be the problem of having been an ipad user with the square aspect ratio. Though i think the S2 is useless in portrait mode, i should admit for reading is not that bad.

    Surafce 3: Please, please, please reduce the bezels width and height. And a few less grams would be ok too :). For an Office table i like the screen area size , but the overall tablet size could be reduced.

    I bought it two weeks ago and i am pretty satisfied. The truth is I wouldn't recommended it to everyone (i hope to do it in the next generation), but if you like "fun + work" it is the perfect combo (SF 2 and touch cover). Skydrive deal is great (though not a specific reason to choose the S2 over other options. Of course Office is the differentiator regarding software and what can be done.). In fact now i have all my stuff on Skydrive.

    And of course, we have to talk about apps. My usage pattern is pretty common so i am mostly ok with what we have. Social networks and multimedia apps are the ones i was looking for. I found FB, TW but not Linkedin. I also was happy to have Netflix, Audible and TuneIn, which i use a lot. And they are prettier than in iPad, although you could tell they have less features. I would like to have a more rapid development updates on those apps.

    I really like the new MS stuff, but to me the perfect combo is still: iPhone (i owned a Lumia 800 but when i had to upgraded it i had to buy an iphone since i like small phones and the lumia 920 was too big for me) + Surface 2. And if money is not a problem, and iPad Mini would be a nice trio :).

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    Welcome aboard.

    And I was accused of "overthinking" WinRT when I argued MS was positioning it to lure people used to "walled garden" ecosystems. :p

    The only time I use my Surface in portrait is to play pinball... Though I can certainly see how it'd be good for reading (but then you can't use the kickstand).

    The black bezels? There are probably technical reasons for their size (thumb rests when in tablet mode, hardware space allowance are two I can think of). I don't think the weight will go down unless MS doesn't use a magnesium chassis, and I like the metal and glass. Microsoft has also said that the Surface (RT) will never get thinner than it is now because of the USB port.

    I would never recommend any product for everyone either; that would be doing a disservice to the user and the product both. Depends entirely on the use case, and it sounds like you found your sweet spot just like most of us.

    LinkedIn should work fine in IE11, so you can pin it to the Start Screen if you want.

    You should install at least one Tracking Protection List for ad-blocking (see link in sig), and don't forget to register to check on your warranty time--you have the option of getting the additional accidental coverage from there. I hope more quality apps make it into the store as well, but the only thing critics should remember is that IE11 is actually a full browser. You won't have Silverlight or Java, but eh.
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    Welcome aboard Joe and congrats on the Surface Pro 2!

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