How to control Desktop from Pro 4.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Apps' started by PotatoHole, Feb 27, 2016.

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    I have a desktop running Windows 10, but the PC itself does not have wireless, it is plugged into a Virgin Router (Super Hub) though so I'm pretty sure I can just use that. What free software can I use or is there some paid software that is really good?
    Once it is connected, I will be watching, for example, a youtube video or movie file on my TV which is plugged into the PC. The Pro 4 will go to sleep after a few minutes, when I wake it up does it pretty much instantly connect back to the desktop controller?

    (I did do a search but the thread I found here was about the SP2 and presumably an older version of windows)
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    Surface Book
    PC Remote - requires running a service on the PC

    PC Remote Windows – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store
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    Hi, if you're needing to use the input from the SP4 to control the Desktop, you could also try out Synergy.
    (I'm not familiar with JNRoach's suggestion, which may be a better fit for you)

    The basics are that it lets you control multiple PCs with a single mouse and keyboard, you generally set run one as a Server (the one which has KB+Mouse/touchpad attached), and then one or more Clients. You can then set it so that when you move your mouse off say the left edge, the cursor appears from the right edge of the other PC. It looks as if it were a normal multimonitor setup, but using 2 PCs. It will also automatically take the copy/paste clipboard between the two, and drag/drop files, and will work if one is wired and the other wifi.

    It would definitely let you seamlessly use the SP4 keyboard/touchpad for teh desktop, but it may not suit if you're thinking of using the touchscreen.

    (What makes Synergy perfect for me is that it's totally cross platform, so I use the kb/mouse of my linux desktop to control my SP3)

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