I think I've found a cheap alternative mains charger

Discussion in 'Surface 3 (Atom)' started by stammie, Mar 18, 2016.

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    Without boring you too much about the details I've started a little project using one of the new Raspberry Pi 3's,,
    I've been using my Surface 3 on this project and because I had the Pi 3 charger handy used that to power my Surface 3 when it was running low on power.
    I haven't done any intensive testing but the times I used it this £6 ($9 or so) charger worked like a charm without ever giving the "plugged in not charging" message.
    The micro USB connector is standard and not as good fitting as the official MS one but if anyone needs a new charger one of these may be worth a punt rather than the extortionate price for the official charger.

    Official Raspberry Pi 3 Universal Power Supply

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